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Jan 3, 2014

2014 Commitments


So this year, even though I do not do resolutions, I have made some goals that I am committing to. I guess they are resolutions even thought I started most of them in 2013, so they are a continuation...whatevs.

1. I am committing to finishing this damn dissertation this year. No maybes, no excuses, no more school after this year #I.can't.take.much.more.

2. I am not cutting my hair, except for the occasional trim for healthy hair purposes. It is past my shoulder finally so I want more... we will see how long this last. Usually til May when it is hot as Hades and then adios locks, hello short & sassy. Not this year.

3. I really want to blog more. I love to write and I really enjoy connecting with other fun bloggers. I also want to do more link up's to become a more actively engaged blogger.  Hence today's link up with

I have found some of the cutest, most informative, and funny blogs just by taking some time and reading them. I hope to do at least two link ups a week.

4. I would really like to build a stronger following of readers. I don't want to seem like I am writing to myself so I am going to work on blog topics, trends, and such. 

5. I am committed to sticking with my fitness goals that I started in April of 2013.  I am hoping to be down at least 50 pounds by April. Hold me too it. I know at least one fellow blogger is!

6. I really want to work for myself in some way, shape, or form. So enter my Jamberry journey that started on December 26. Hell, if it doesn't work out (which from my start, I doubt that will happen) at least my nails will always be super cute.

I could just be having beginners luck, or everyone could just LOVE them some Jamberrys...but my facebook page is taking off like the after Christmas clearance at Target. Have you wandered over to see what the fuss is about?  Mistie's Jamberry Website

I am also linking up with
Seeing as I did my 5...err, 6 up top :)  Loving all these blog hops.

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