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Feb 26, 2014

So What Wednesday

Longest. Week. Ever. 
So this is definitely the perfect link up for the week! 

So what if....
~It is only Wednesday. I am pretty sure it feels like a Thursday that just keeps repeating over and over. It won't stop. It won't go away. This week is horribly long. Dear baby Jesus, please send Friday. Like yesterday.

~I am beyond annoyed that I have to work this weekend on Saturday. I mean it is for a 100 year celebration for the high school I work at. Lots of pride, tradition, #whatevs. It makes my non-existent weekend even shorter. 

~What the hell is taking Spring Break so long to get here?! The students set up a countdown in the cafeteria. It taunts me daily. Today they forgot to change it, never mind that half the school was in SAT testing all day. I had a legit panic attack. Don't play with my emotions like that. 

~So what if I finally turned in my chapter 3 draft for my dissertation tonight? I mean that is a great thing but it should have been in weeks ago. #slacker   Really, it is procrastination at its finest. I figured the longer I wanted to turn it in, the wiser I would be, right? (I'm grabbing at straws, I know).

~I don't know all there is to know about Blogging. But I am definitely participating in a giveaway with two other fabulous ladies. Check out the entry form below :) 

~I have only been to the gym once this week so far. #nojudging 

~I spent a straight hour watching my new White Ribbon Eel in her tank at work today. The Marine Science kiddos set up a sweet tank in my office and my eel, Trina aka "The Baddest Bitch", is pretty sweet.  She is blind as hell, but hey - you can't have it all, right?

Say Hello to Trina!! ;-)

Don't forget to Enter the Giveaway!!

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