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Jan 2, 2014

Jamberry Nails.. What the heck is that?!

Well, if you follow me on Instagram (and you should; IG:JustCallMeSparkles) you would know that my IG is flooded with my pictures from my new venture with Jamberrys. If you don't know what they are, Jamberrys are vinyl nail adhesives that are adhered to your nails using heat (think your blow dryer).  They come in over 350 amazing colors and designs and are all super fun! Great patterns like Chevron (LOVE), Stripes, Polka Dots, a fishnet design, flowers, ombre (LOVE again), and so many others I can't even cover them.

I stumbled into this because my sister Lindsay over at Just Keep Teaching decided she was going to become a consultant after following one of her blogger friends and so on. Gotta love our small (HUGE) blog world here. I was skeptical, I won't even lie. My first thought was are these like those damn Sally Hansen ones that were complete crap? Well same idea, but SO MUCH BETTER!

I can't even handle the cuteness, not to mention how easy these darn things are!! If you are so inclined, follow my page on FB for sales, giveaways (there is one going on now!!)
FB page: Mistie's Jamberry Nails

and you can also visit my Jamberry Page

I promise you, there is no disappointment in these products. They work great, can weather some tough wear and still look amazing. No chemical, non-toxic, chip-free... yep, they are for me!

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