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Oct 19, 2014

Suitcases & Jewels

A secret to share...

I bought my luggage today for my big move today. I trudged through the flea market and finally found some of the acceptable pieces (that I haggled my arse off for) that I can take when I take my 8,000 mile trip half way around the world.  Little did I know that this purchase would be the one that would finally make all this moving "real". Honestly, it really screwed with my head. It scared me. It made all of the self-doubt that I have been fighting off these past few weeks come to the surface with a vengeance. "What the hell am I thinking?", "Am I really moving to the Middle East?" and my most favorite question... "How the hell am I packing my whole world in these three bags?!?"

This whole move has really had me reevaluating myself and doing some serious soul searching. This is the first decision that I have ever made that I know for a 100% fact is not the popular decision. It is not backed by everyone, and people are legitimately concerned for me and my husband. So why the hell am I making this decision when I know that I am hurting peoples feelings and when it has been a struggle for me personally as I am not afraid of conflict, but I hate having people I care about upset with me.

So here is the secret:  I am making this move out of my sheer need for adventure. I want to see parts of this big ole world that many people only dream about. I want to have croissants in Paris, drink wine in Italy, have a beer in Germany, visit the beaches in Maldives, see the amazing architecture in Dubai, and experience a completely different lifestyle while living in Abu Dhabi. I'd lie if I said i was not stoked about the fireworks for NYE in Dubai as well...or perhaps Paris.  I have always had the travel bug and I am finally finished with my schooling; it is time to move about this world. I am so ready for these new experiences that I have become an email stalker since that is how my flight itinerary will arrive. I can burst with excitement, yet at the same time I have a lingering feeling of sadness because I know how hard this is for a few certain people. I have never made a decision completely for myself and signing this offer letter, that is what I did. I thank you all for putting on a brave face for me because deep down, I need it.

Another part of this secret - that little red bag up there. It is the bomb dot com. I cannot wait to take it on little weekend trips. It is totally reminiscent of my little red suit case that I had growing up that said Going to Grandmas on the outside of it. I wonder if I could glue some jewels on the outside that would say  I'm going to Abu Dhabi, Bitch! Yeah.... probably wouldn't go over well in the conservative country. I am still working on my filter; No profanity in public.


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