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Jul 18, 2013

Throw Back Thursday - Puppies!

Well sitting here in this rainy, thunderstorm-ridden, just plain gross weather I am exploring blogs and getting sucked into so many peoples post, and crafts, and DIY's, and stories. I am loving the world of blogs. I am also digging these linky parties so I am linking up today with Ady from When in Doubt Just Add Glitter, Jenn from Sweet Southern Wife, and Lauren from The Peanut Program. These ladies blogs are packed full of great reads so I suggest visiting their sites. Thanks ladies for hosting this blog-hopping, link up party. It been very helpful for this new blogger :)

So for my throwback - I decided to do my fur-babies puppy pictures. Those who know me, know I love puppies. All puppies - I am an equal opportunity puppy lover. Now some of these puppies have crossed the rainbow bridge already but they are still very much a part of our family.

My first baby, Princess. I bought her about 3 months after I moved out of my parents house. She was love at first sight since I always said I wanted a female sharpei when I moved out and her name would be Princess. Granted I bought her - and didn't have groceries for a few weeks, but I wouldn't change that ever. She was the lover of piggy-treat (she snorted like no other) and long naps, preferably on the couch. I miss her terribly.

My next love is Tater. He was special to me not only because he was so dang cute, but my grandmother who was a breeder gave him to me not long before she passed. He was the coolest dog, a big cuddle bug, and he LOVED his mommy. Him and Princess are chillin over the rainbow bridge till I see them again. I am glad that they are together because they were best friends. 

Then, there is Dolce. Dolce was brought to our home after my husband wanted a "big, manly dog". We picked her up from a free dog ad and she was the last one. Her mother was a majestic white German Shepard and was beautiful. She came into our home and immediately we knew we were in over our heads. She was a handful to say the least. We went through puppy classes (extended ones, might I add) and that curbed some of her craziness. She ate everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Doors, walls, carpet, drywall, baseboards, carpet, shoes, toys, ... this list could go on and on. She was also uber obsessed with me. I would wake up in the middle of the night and she would be staring at me. She did have "mild" separation anxiety which I am not sure why since we had her from 6 weeks. She was a good dog, who over-loved her mommy but she needed more space so a lady I worked with took her as she had a Shepard. It was heart-breaking because I do not give up on anything but it was what was best for her. I still get updates and she is doing well.

Have I mentioned that my husband is a sucker for animals too? Well this little guy came home with him on a trip from Alabama. His parents are dog breeders and he HAD TO HAVE HIM. It took up forever to come up with a name for him, but he was finally named Weezy F. Baby. He is such a cool dog. Tater hated him when he came to be, but in the end they got along just fine.

Again, my husband the sucker - picture this: in the puppy store and we see this little guy. We wanted a Sharpei and here he was. From the same breeder as Princess and it was all too perfect, except I really didn't want another dog. We had the room, we had the means, but really 5 dogs? I mean too many accessories clutter an outfit and that is 20 paws... But an hour & multiple fits later, our boy Princeton came home with us. I am so glad he did - he is the sweetest dog ever. Scared of everything, but so much personality. And how could anyone resist that face?!

So my husbands parents came to visit one weekend and they brought puppies with them (I mean, seriously people - they know my weakness). I wake up to this precious thing. All 1 pound of her. This is Vera, I knew she was staying at our house even before his mom offered her to me. She is a character and has some major attitude. She is the Diva of the house since she is now the only girl and she lets everyone know it. A cuddler & a daddys girls. 

So our home is complete with our three fur-babies Princeton, Weezy, and Vera. They all have such dynamic personalities and really are my therapy for me after a long day working with 1,900 teenagers! 

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  1. OMG! Those pictures.. Seriously made me just ohhh and aww out loud.. :) Alex is looking at me like I'm a psycho! AND Equal Opportunity Puppy Lover?!? BAHAHA…Where do you come up with this stuff!? :) Great post Mist!

    Just Keep Teaching