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Jul 2, 2013

Summer update

I am so terrible at keeping up a blog. As wonderful of an idea I believe the blog is ... I just suck at keeping up.

However, it is summer time - each educators favorite time of the year so I guess I should put forth a bit of effort. I have completed several cute projects and lot of cooking adventures so I guess I could get some new post up soon. I also want to get more versatile in the blogging world so I can have some more flexibility when designing and creating post. It does have to be cute after all ;-)

So far the summer has flown by. No big plans this summer other than trainings, going to Los Angeles (!!!!!) for a seminar for work, taking in some Lil' Wayne at his concert, and losing some weight. Yes, actually sticking to a plan and losing this weight finally. I started boxing over a week ago and it has been an awesome experience. I've gained quite a bit of strength in a little over a week and I can definitely see results. I started attending the gym back in April - thank goodness!! - because boxing is pretty demanding. Thus far I am down 15 pounds! Woot Woot! Not bad if I do say so myself!

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