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Jul 15, 2013

How a healthy meal can go bad.. FAST!

Doesn't that salad look great? If you are trying to watch your weight or even maintaining a healthy lifestyle then you probably have a salad somewhere in your eating schedule. This salad can be filling and low-calorie but what you put on this salad makes all the difference in your caloric intake, sugar intake, carb intake and morph a healthy salad into a calorie, carb, and sugar packed meal when you are really trying to eat healthy.

When I decided it was time for a lifestyle change back in April, I knew it would mean a lot of hard work, dedication, and a lot more time dedicated to figuring out exactly what I am putting in my body. I love salad, but I love dressing even more. I try to buy light, or fat-free; however, usually they taste awful. I am pretty sure I have tried almost every light, fat-free, sugar-free, organic dressing made. So on my search for a tasty, lighter option I have come across two that are pretty good that I definitely recommend!

Olde Cape Cod Balsamic Vinaigrette (OCC) & Marzetti Simply Dress Balsamic (SD) are definitely two of my favorites. Both taste great and are not a terrible crash for that healthy salad. Granted, you do need to measure (I know, I know), but they really are good.
You can see from the side by side that the SD (L) has 9g of fat compared to the OCC (R) & it also has a 50mg more sodium. Now the OCC has more carbs (2g) and more sugar (2g). So it really depends on your personal food intake as to which one could fit better in your diet. I keep these two on hand because some days I can have a higher fat/carb content dressing & some days I really need to watch my fat intake because perhaps I indulged on something else. Either way, these are my picks & both can be picked up at Publix. I am not sure if other stores carry them because I am definitely a Publix snob ;) - okay, that isn't entirely true but they do have the best sales! However, that is for another post. 

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