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Apr 3, 2015

Spring Break kick off

I am over the moon excited today as we pack our bags and head to Thailand tonight! I am not exactly sure what to expect but I know one thing for sure it is much needed after the last few weeks. I only planned a jungle excursion in advance so we can trek through the waters on elephants but other than that we are going to book some things once we are there. I don't want the entire trip to be running around. I hate coming back from vacation and feeling dead and completely worn out. The jet lag will probably take care of that for us.

Seeing as I am newbie traveler, I have absolutely no idea what to pack. So I have taken to Pinterest to get some ideas. Did I mention I will not be checking ONE bag!? So everything for a 5 day trip has to go in a carry on. Jesus take the wheel... So I will be posting up my favorite packing sites some Pinterest and some other sites that I found useful in my journey to pack up all the things that I need to take with me.

So check out this ridiculousness from yesterday. Talk about a way to kick off Springbreak: A huge Sandstorm. I would have to say this is my least favorite part of the UAE. I hate feeling gritty and dirty and there is zero escaping it when these babies come through. What stinks even more, there is zero warning. Usually you wake up and here it is, like yesterday.

I will say that it does a number on breathing though. Ugh.. I've gotta be more prepared and carry a scarf with me. The sand is real. While the sandstorms come quickly, they also go quickly as well. I went in to get a pedicure (this picture was about 5 minutes prior to entering the salon) and then about an hour and 15 minutes later...all gone! It was amazing. Today is absolutely beautiful and clear. So funny this weather is. I never thought I would find weather more unpredictable than Florida's but I was wrong. It is almost identical here in Abu Dhabi. 

Apparently these bags won't bag themselves and I know this is going to be a struggle so I need to get to moving. Follow the adventures in real time on Instagram @justcallmesparkles

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