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Mar 27, 2015

This week

Happy Friday friends!

This week proved to be a long week since we were doing testing in schools but it was also pretty nice because unlike back home the kids get on the bus when they are finished testing and head home. It definitely gives some chill time to be able to do all the little task (or huge ones) and not have to worry about supervision, the lunch lines, or dealing with all the things that adolescent girls bring. Granted here the big issues are girls wearing or having make up, but you know what I mean.

I was able to meet with some of the teachers one on one which was really nice because I miss that part of my job. I think that I am growing into my new position and I am being given a bit more freedom to work. Coming here is not always just jumping in like back home - you really have to earn your spot and your respect. That has been a complete paradigm shift for me but one that I welcome since I came here to have a totally different experience. That has never disappointed.

I decided to do a link up this week since I have completely been out of the link up game. I am linking up with Amanda from Meet at the Barre, Karli from September Farm and with Paula from Sincerely, Paula.  Make sure to checkout there blogs and link back to your blog as well.

So this week I finally downloaded my Rosetta Stone so I can try and pick up some Arabic. It seems like it is going to be quite the challenge but I at least need to learn the basics. I have yes, no, enough, and the word exponent. I observed a lot of math this week ;) The ladies I work with are starting to try and teach me bits and pieces as we go but I have to see it written, at least phonetically, to get a grasp on it. Pronunciation.. let not even talk about that for now. 

We went over to the local Daiso store this week on the hunt for a tape runner with designed on it that I saw on my Instagram feed from another planner lover. Daiso is a Japanese store with all sorts of things. I call it the dollar store because everything is 7 dirhams. Technically that is $1.91 in U.S. currency but no one wants to say the $1.91 store. Think of the store as the best amazon buys that come from overseas for like 99 cents but only in store form. I love it. While I did not find my decorative tape runner (sad face!!) I did score this amazing mug which made me think of my sister, Lindsay: 

Such a cute piece. I promised I would go back and look for another one since she really liked it as well!  I also picked up a little journal to get my traveling plans in one place. 
That little floral book.. never something that I would normally pick up but I thought it looked unique and I think it will serve as a nice journal type notebook for when I go back home.  Again, the bargain price of AED 7. 

 My favorite meal of the week was definitely our anniversary dinner at Stratos. It is a revolving restaurant on top of Lé Royal Meridan hotel by the Corniche. It was really beautiful and the views were fantastic. We were able to get a complete 360 degree view of Abu Dhabi, the ocean and the skyline. The food was pretty amazing as well. I highly recommend the lobster mac & cheese!

We also visited the Sheik Zayed Mosque yesterday and it was breathtaking. There are no pictures that will ever do the structure any justice. I watched several documentaries and read several pieces about the planning and building of the structure but I never imagined how huge it would really be. I drive by it all the time, but it is definitely not the same as taking a trip inside. Every single detail is perfect. A definite must see for all those who can travel to Abu Dhabi. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted several more pictures there as well. I haven't even gotten to my professional camera pictures. These are from my trusty iPhone.  

I just can't get enough of the beauty.

One of the amazing chandeliers. They weigh tons and sparkle like crazy. 

This would have been a fantastic picture but that security guard was relentless in staying in the background of it ;) 

All individual pieces of marble to make the floors and the intricate designs. 

I cannot wait to go back. It is very serene and they are still working on the outside of it for the lawns and different areas. I look forward to seeing it completed before we leave. 

So whats on tap for this weekend? I have no idea. I do know that I am getting my hair done and I am pumped about that. The struggle is very real with the root situation so I will be glad that is remedied. 

Cheers to the weekend!

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