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Apr 13, 2015

Back at it

Greetings friends! We are back in Abu Dhabi and back in the swing of normal life after our adventures in Bangkok for spring break. I will be getting more of Bangkok posted up on the blog this week after I finish sorting through the 800+ pictures that I took... what can I say, I was a bit photo happy. We did have a nice time yet we will never return to Bangkok unless there is a fantastic reason (read: free trip) to go. I'll update why in my post this week.

So we got back to Abu Dhabi and finished out spring break by just relaxing, getting the house cleaned up and filling the fridge back up with groceries. Gosh, we are so old. I will say that since moving to Abu Dhabi we have started grocery shopping together and I am pretty happy with this relationship accomplishment. In the states, I couldn't bribe my way into a shared trip to Publix if I tried. My husband hates grocery shopping at all cost. Yet, since moving here we go every week together and it is actually nice. I hate figuring out meals (he is the chef) so his input is nice. Also we found a great vegetable and fruit market where we load up each week on produce. Did I mention it is super cheap? We bought a whole watermelon, 12 bananas, 5 huge oranges, 12 plums, 5 pears, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, a crate of carrots, ginger, celery, 5 ears of corn, 2 things of strawberries, 5 pounds of grapes, 2 pounds of green beans, green peppers, onions, and some other things for less than $40 usd. This is a great help since we are trying to eat better each day. I am still surprised by how cheap the produce is here. It makes life so much easier when trying to eat better and you can actually not break the bank buying the foods that you want to buy.

We've also started going to the gym together. We bought Fitbit HR's about a month ago to try to help us stay on track. If I could just remember to charge mine. I wore it in Bangkok and took it off, it went dead and it was stuffed in a bag so hopefully tomorrow I will have a fitness rundown at the end of the day. I need to get some workouts nailed down so I can go to the gym with a focus each time we go. Yesterday I did arms and cardio, today I did legs, arms, and cardio. My arms are so freaking sore and heavy today. I am sure tomorrow I won't be walking because my legs are already beginning their protest. I am posting each day on Instagram to keep me accountable using my hashtags #instafitgoals and #sparklesgetsfit. Feel free to follow along or leave some encouragement.

I'll get some of Bangkok recap up this tomorrow .... inshallah ;-)

Bella And The City

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