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Apr 21, 2014

So Fresh & So Clean

For starters.. feast your eyes on my new fresh blog design. So.Freaking.Cute! I am very grateful to Hubby jack Blog Design for kicking this up a notch. I am super happy with the results. So if you need work (sometimes some reflection is key here, folks) on your bloggy blog - go, go, go.

Anywhos.. so I have sat down to write this topic or that a few times and I have really been draggin my feet (mainly because I really wanted my new design up) but I also seem to have a severe case of ADD lately in regards to staying on a topic or even focused. I think its time to get organized if I really want this blog to be the best it can be. Hell, it might be nice if people read it as well.

So I took some advice from Bre over at Peacoats and Plaid as she is one of my favorite reads. Her time management series through her Intentional Life Project is definitely one for the bookmarks as I found myself doing many of the things listed. I get on the computers ready to write.. "hold on, let me check my email really quick".."oh, I forgot I wanted to look up that recipe on Pinterest".. and my creative focus is out the damn door.

So a system in place, a routine for when I get on the computer and what I am using the time for. Hell, setting office hours. Since I run a few "on the side" jobs from Facebook & over various social medias, this is vital to me. I am selling Jamberry Nails, I am dabbling in itWorks, and I also do photography so I have a lot going on and I am 100 miles an hour, nevermind that little thing called a full-time jobby job and this #$%^ dissertation #killme.  So pumpkins, if you find yourself in these struggles, which I hope you don't, but if you are saying "Yep, sounds like me", move yourself on over, take some notes and lets get organized together shall we?

I found some uber cute FREE blog organization printables from Simply Organized. I am all about Free and Cute - this is the motherload.  Here is a sample; there really is something for everyone.

So I would love to hear how you organize. What do you use? Any special shortcuts that make your blogging life easier?

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