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Apr 22, 2014

Favorite Friend Pins Volume 1

There is no denying my undying love for the blackhole, waste of all productive time that we know as Pinterest. So happy Tuesday, here are my favorite pins this week that my awesome friends and followers send me.

Mama loves to coupon. I was stoked to see someone proclaiming they can do that shit in 20 minutes or less. I must read more into this method. I shall report back, read: thanks for the future blog post! 

Hence the name, Sparkles. And since you asked, no I have not been sweating nor sparkling lately.
Move along folks, nothing to see here. But I do need this tank.

This made me laugh. I mean, here I am almost 3 college degrees strong but you can bet your ass I can't get the straw in a capri sun without either the bag exploding or stabbing my hand. There has to be a better way, seriously.


Yeah, I was sleeping until some jerkface woke me up. Thanks asshole.

Stop what you are doing and make this. AHHHHH-Mazing.

And because Pinterest has the best mean girl e-cards...

Screw 'em if they can't take a joke! 

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