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Oct 24, 2015

Fall About Me & Favs

'Scuse me while I slide this post on in. Life has definitely gotten the better of me this month and since we are already almost hitting the Halloween button on October (!!!!!) I figured I would get in on a little of the favorites/ Fall about me action to hopefully get back in some sort of groove.

So I found Lauren's post from Life With Lolo and thought it was super cute and of course fall appropriate soI figured I would get in on the fall wagon. So lets get to it:

Favorite candle scent:  How funny that we just bought all of the fall scents last night at Bath and Body works. My absolutely favorite is sweater weather. I have been stalking BBW like a legit psycho for the last month and they FINALLY got it in. #Desertlifeproblems.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: Yes, Yes, and Yes. I'm sorry what is the question? I Love coffee all day, err day. and I love a mid-day tea. I haven't had any hot chocolate yet because it just isn't cold enough but you can bet I will be visiting a favorite, Nutella Hot Chocolate, from last fall/winter soon.

Best Fall Memory: There are so many because this is definitely my favorite time of the year. Some that stand out are going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando and Hallo-Scream last year at Busch Gardens in Tampa. Let us not forget the Haunted Corn Maze and Haunted Hay Rides in Newberry, FL with our sister and brother-in-law. Scary for sure but so much fun!!

Best fragrance for Fall: I've never really been one to designate fragrances for a time of year really. I just like body sprays in general so I can also be found mixing my VS sprays year round.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: All of it. Everything. If you have been following for some time you know my Abu Dhabi journey started last year on Thanksgiving so I was without turkey, pie, mashed potatoes, etc. So this year, it is so on as we are going home for Thanksgiving!!

Favorite Type of Pie: Pecan. See above as I will be making that accommodation to eat as much as I can shovel in my face.

What is the Autumn weather like where you live?: um.. its 95 degrees still. I don't think Abu Dhabi got the 'Autum weather' memo. But it is a vast difference from 115 degrees!

What make up trend do you prefer for Fall? I really wish I could get into the dark lips but I think it looks terrible on me. I can can down with the burnt orange, dark browns, with some shimmer for the eyes look. I just pair it with a muted lip because I feel like I look like a clown with anything dark.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? Depends on the day. But I had my first one the other day while wandering the mall and it was so worth it. Even if it was 100 degrees outside.

Fall TV Show: I wouldn't even know what shows are classified as Fall TV...

Boots or Uggs?: Neither of which are conducive to my environment.

Halloween, yay or nay?: Um, that is a Hell Yeah! I love Halloween. It is the kick off to a wonderful time of year.

Fall mornings or evenings?: I prefer evenings  because that means bonfires. I miss bonfires.

Your thoughts on Black Friday: It cannot come quick enough!! I really enjoy Black Friday because I usually go with my sisters. Last year was the first year I didn't get to go which was a big bummer. I know many people think that Black Friday is a terrible thing because people have to work and be away from their family from Thanksgiving eve until the following day. Well humor me and think about this: people moan and complain that people have to work but no one complains that men pay football and people have to work the game (refs, ticketing agents, concession stand workers, etc) how is it any different?! It's not. So don't rain on my black Friday parade.

One Fall 2015 trend you are liking: I love the dark lipstick that is coming in with full force this fall. However, it looks terrible on me so I just like it on others.

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