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Sep 20, 2014

Survival Kit & Man Crates

So with this impending move, this post seems to hit even closer to home since apparently I can only take 2 suitcases when I move 7,890 miles away. I mean that is not even reasonable. How the hell am I supposed to get all my purses, shoes, bags, hair products, pictures, clothes, pens, and other miscellaneous items to my new home?!  See how quickly I jumped off track there? That is how my mind is working lately. A question is posed and I suddenly go into complete and under panic mode and my brain begins swirling with 392 questions immediately. And this is also how blogs get off topic with a quickness. I digress.

I was asked to build a survival kit that contained 5 items. Only 5 - kind of sounds like my packing situation. So without further ado, here are my essentials. I hope I have a big enough bag.

1. Skinny Girl Stevia sweetener - I gotta have it. I have conditioned myself to use this rather than the Splenda or Equal that I used to use all the time. No chemicals, still sweet. A definite winner.

2. Ritz Crackerfuls If you haven't tried them yet, just go to the store now. No really. They are super good. I also recommend the peanut butter and chocolate ones.

3. My iPad mini. Don't judge me.

4. Hair Ties. I cannot deal with hair in my face and these cutesy little stretchy hair things are super in right now. My mom makes them for me so I don't have to pay cray prices for them. Mom for the win!

5. My Coach Sunglasses. They are the perfect fit, the perfect shade of darkness, and they protect my peepers from the damaging sun. I have pretty sensitive eyes so those are a must have all day, every day.

So are these the only things I am packing, well no. I have a little more room in my suitcases. However, I was asked what I would put in a survival kit by the folks over at Man Crates Gifts for Men. I checked out their goods and I have to say that I am quite impressed with the selection that they offer. Gone are the days when I search the malls and stores high and low for a great gift that my hubby will love. They offer some amazingly cool gifts that come in a crate and are accompanied by a personalize, laser engraved crowbar. How freaking cool is that? I immediately scanned their site and found several that I would buy for not only my hubby but also some good ones for my dad. Even better since I am moving, I can order right online and its done and done.  Here are a few of my favs. for my hubs (hopefully he doesn't read this post so I can send him one once I am in Abu Dhabi and he is still here).

Cool huh??  Make sure you check out Man Crates - I can't wait to send one!

* I was asked to build my survival kit by Man Crates but I was not compensated and all opinions are mine :) 

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