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Sep 20, 2014

Last Weekend wedding recap

I have to say the last week has been a blur with getting my offer letter.... 

So this is actually a weekend recap of LAST weekend... nothing like living in the past right?!

I welcomed the overnight little get away that was already planned for one of my bestfriend's wedding. April and I go back to the days of high school where we met, had a mutual love for glitter, sparkly things, markers, rainbows, and fabulous accessories. We were immediately friends. We did band in high school, worked at Wal-Mart and did the college years together.  Of course as time usually does, things change and people separate. We have always remained in touch in some way, shape or form though. She has moved around a little while I have remained in our home town but we've remained friends who pick up right where we left off.

Anyways, I knew that with April the wedding would be a production & not in a bad way. Since working in student activities together in college, and I knew that her fiance did as well, this would be nothing short of a great time and probably over the top. But over the top in a good way. Of course, the wedding was beautiful and most of all, fun. Great props, great ideas, creative cake, cutest favors. You name it - it was there. And of course, everything was branded with their hashtag ( we all know I love a good hashtag) so there is a great compilation from all of there friends.

*Partners in Crime Cake - it matched their invitations, super cute & it was SO Yummy!

We threw pom poms as they walked down the aisle - the pictures were amazing!! So colorful and fun.

The venue was probably may favorite part though. I have been wanting to try out the fabulous Post Card Inn (PCI) on St. Pete beach for sometime now. It is an older hotel that has been remodeled but still has that vintage feel and so much character. It did not fall short of any expectations.  Our room was pretty large and overlooked the garden. The beds were a 5 out of 5 stars rating and from this sleeping beauty that is a compliment. Bathroom decent size, and view was great as it sits right on the beach. They have a huge tiki bar that overlooks the bar that was pretty busy when we went after the reception with the other wedding-goers. All in all a great little weekend at a place pretty much in my backyard.

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