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Sep 5, 2015

So Fresh


I am pretty pumped about the much anticipated blog make over that is going on here. I searched high and low and never could find a designer that either could make my vision a reality or would return my emails. It is quite ironic that some people publish they are available for design but won't return emails or commit to a start date for a project. Yet, it doesn't matter now because I found a wonderful designer in Erin! If you are looking for a make over - please give her consideration because she works fast, stays in constant contact and can make your vision come to life. I.AM.IN.LOVE. Thank you Erin!!

This weekend hasn't been anything over the top exciting, or even exciting really. We haven't left the house actually. Yesterday was a gross day {side eye to the sorta sandstorm} so we stayed in and today I am working on some work things that I just cannot seem to get finished while actually at work. Speaking of work - totally kicked my butt this week. The first week of school was insane busy. Thank goodness my tea girls kept me stocked on coffee and cappuccinos because I may have fallen asleep at my desk, several times. I love coffee and it loves me, as depicted by the heart that appeared in my 54th cappuccino.

I am now so thankful for the back to school time back home before the teachers arrive. Here we have everyone come back on the same day and it is a sprint to get things done and put out fires that arise during the first few weeks of reopening a school. Either way, things are starting to slow down and get into the groove but I like to try to be ahead a little so here I am watching some smut T.V. show on Hulu (Mistresses) and writing out my to-do list for work this week.

Cheers to the weekend!

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