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Aug 18, 2015

Cupcakes and Fitness

Hey Ya'll. Just doing a quick little check in since we are barreling towards Sunday which mean...back to school or the ever popular #BTS2015. I am actually looking forward to going back to work and seeing all the ladies that I work with. I also have some great ideas that I hope to introduce to the school this year and of course, I am completely looking forward to catching up with everyone. That is always my favorite part of pre-planning is the chit chat of summers, traveling, big news, and all that fun stuff. I am excited to hear about everyones traveling. You can bet that I will be taking my travel planning notebook with me to write down some great ideas for future travel.

Not much is new on the home front other than these mongrels I have living with me again. Just kidding! I love these sweet fur babies but they are obviously traumatized since they follow me everywhere. It used to just to be the bathroom (weirdos) but now it is up the stairs, to the kitchen from the couch, and they have to constantly be near me. It does get a bit old but I completely understand. One day mommy was there and then boom 9 months later they make the trip of a lifetime; I am cutting them a bit of slack with the obsessive neediness. And I might like listening to them snore 24/7.

My hubby and I want to start something like the 21-day fix plan to kick start our fitness routine here in the next week. However, I suggested that we finished out the groceries that we already have and really plan ahead for it so we are totally prepared and we have everything we need. So we should  be ready to go by Sunday which is fine by me because school definitely helps me establish a routine. I am refusing to buy the color-coded containers so I am finding containers that are the appropriate sizes and labeling them. I have also dug through Pinterest to find how to determine your calories needs so we will know what to eat. I tell you Pinterest is the goldmine of the internet right now. There are so many freebies on there to print out to help with not only the 21 day fix but any thing else you need. I remember back when Pinterest was the new kid on the block and you had to have an invite to join and it took like three days to be 'approved'. Ahhh, the good old days.  The reunion with the KitchenAid stand mixer may or may not be partially to blame for the delay in the heath wagon coming around again. Not my best work but I will figure it out with the difference in ingredients. They are quite tasty though! Minions Muffins (Banana) on the left and my quite popular Oreo cupcakes on the right.

And what is a little random post without a picture of the amazing sunset here in Abu Dhabi with cranes galore! Lots of building going on all over the place. I can't wait to see some of the new things that are planned.

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