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Aug 23, 2015


Happy BTS! My Princeton said no, Please don't go to work!!

Those eyes are a bit hard to resist! But alas, he hasn't gotten a job yet so off I went. He does have to eat after all.

I am such a nerd. I know that most of my colleagues were dreading today but I was SO ready for Back to School! I love preplanning week when you get a chance to reconnect with friend that you haven't seen in almost two months. I was excited even more so today because everyone I work with travels so I wanted to hear about all the fantastic places that they visited and, of course, get some new travel 411.  I knew that preplanning would be so different this year because I am used to a foo-foo agenda, games, a large breakfast, and all sorts of other fanfare that happens on the first day of preplanning but this year was different. As admin we go back to school the same day as the teachers do to begin preplanning (the horror!!) so we don't get a chance to do all those things. I mean I am thankful for the extra two weeks off but I would really like to incorporate that planning into the end of this year. How is that for forward thinking?

Today was a blur of counting students, trying to arrange classes, and fighting with the computers. Very similar to my days back in the states on the first day of school. Of course no printers in the administration office were working, thanks software updates!! Apparently Murphy's Law is prevalent in the Middle East as well. So we did what we could and hopefully we can finish up some things tomorrow, Inshallah. We have a big meeting at Jumeriah at Etihad Towers tomorrow so I am really looking forward to seeing that venue. I haven't been there as of yet so I am all geeky about new places in Abu Dhabi.

I went without my Abaya to work today, which is quite uncommon for me seeing as it is easier and since I work in the office it is fool proof to ensure that I am wearing something that is appropriate at all times in case of a VIP coming to the school. I decided to switch it up today to a simple dress and cardigan (in 114 degrees mind you).  Everyone loved my OO necklace since they are not available here. I also did my make up which I completely slacked off last year and just went with moisturizer and mascara most days. I had several compliments and then someone says, 'You are glowing!!'  I smiled because I was wearing my new highlighter from Becca in Champagne Pop (by the Uber talented Jaclyn Hill, Ahhh-Mazing make up artist). However, she quickly followed that sentiment up with, 'Are you Pregnant?!' .... #HighlightOnFleekFAIL  Now normally this statement would have really upset me  but here that is just normal. I just said nope, not today! I am just wearing a great highlighter! It is all good and I couldn't help but laugh.

Hope my fellow teachers have an awesome #BTS2015

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