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Jul 30, 2014

Product of the 80's

Hooray for Wednesday! Hooray for only one more work day! I look forward to Weds. {obvi} because during summer the week ends on Thursday, as it should every single week. I mean is it really necessary to work 5 eight hour days? How about we go to 4 eight hour days and call it a work week, shall we? Well, technically they are 10 hour work days. Psshhh, okay.  I digress. So yes, a little extra pep in my step this morning. So since it is best day of the week #1 followed closely by Friday and Saturday - best days #2 and #3 respectively, let's hop around some bloggy blogs, do some confessin' and spill what you're loving right now. Oh yea, and make some friends.

I confess that I am pretty irritated with the fact that I cannot get to Vodka and Soda's blog at work. If I want to read on my lunch, I should be able too. This stupid #$%^& web-blocker. I mean our tech has this on lockdown mode for real... absolutely ridiculous.

I confess that I am JAMMING out to an amazing array of the 80's on Songza this morning. Currently we (Trina and I) are singing along to "What a Feeling" ....and you hear the office doors begin to close. Okay, maybe I didn't warm up my singing voice this am. My Bad.

I confess that this summer went by WAY to quick and I did not get to finish a lot of my bucket list. I guess maybe I should have called it the F - it list.

I confess that I am OBSESSED with my EC planners. Yeah, that is plural - teacher one and personal one. #dontjudgeme

I confess that I was super excited about my Samsung 5s but I MISS my iPhone. I refuse to say that it is too technologically advanced for me, but I do miss the simplicity of the iPhone. Guess I'll have to get the new iPhone 6. Oh damn...

I confess that I am LOVING my new short hair! Yes, I know I committed to not cutting it this year, but it was looking kind of ratty and it wasn't very healthy. I made it seven months, it was almost to the middle of my back. Sad face... but it is so much easier.

I confess also that I love headbands - a cutesy twist & a great cover for hair that is unruly. P.S. Does anyone know of any good headbands for working out that don't slip off? All that I have bought are a  #fail.

I confess that I am LOVING  Orange Theory Fitness. It is kind of sick in a way because I know I am going to go in, feel like I'm gonna be sick but it is nice to be pushed and motivated. AND complete the workout, even when I was totally ready to walk out. Good burn last night = a little over 500 calories. #win

Oh.. Madonna just came on - I confess I am gonna go dance around the office. Don't forget to link up!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

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