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If you have the tendency to be a bit girly at times like me, then you will totally respect the fact that I am not okay with chipped nail polish. However, there are times when you are just running in 32 directions at once and nail polish is the last thing on your mind. Well I am here to tell you that may never be a problem again!  

In December of 2013, my sister convinced me to sign up for Jamberry Nails. I had never tried them but after seeing her nail designs I was pretty sure I would soon fall in love with them. I was wrong. I became OBSESSED! These fabulous little vinyl nail designs (think stickers, only so much better) were the answer to my unpolished nail. I used to love getting acrylics and gel nails but I developed some sort of stupid allergy to them #gettingoldsucks  so I had to find an alternative. Jamberry is my alternative so I can have cute nails, with no harsh chemicals, no dry time, and I can change them whenever I want because they don't break the bank! Here is the breakdown of how you can use them:

So my manicures are less than $4 each time I redo my nails (which is a lot) and since I like to change things up, Jamberry really works for me! If you are looking to try them out, comment and let me know! 

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